High Quality Voice Treatment

Common Voice Problems

Some common voice problems include hoarse throat, voice changes, vocal cord nodules and polyps, posterior glottic stenosis, vocal cord paralysis, vocal cord cancer and dysplasia, chronic cough, and more. At Indianapolis Sinus Center, we offer top-of-the-line treatment for any voice issues you may be experiencing. Voice problems can heavily affect your health and quality of life, so we urge you to seek care as soon as possible. Many voice issues can be significantly improved with treatment, so give us a call today to take your first step toward voice health.

Understanding How the Voice Works

Understanding how the voice works is the first step in healing and finding relief. Our voice is a reflection of many factors of our overall health. A strong, healthy voice indicates good health, in general, and likewise, a voice suffering from any number of issues can signal deeper health concerns that you want to address. Our team of professionals can get you the treatment that works best for you.

Voice Testing and Treatment in Indianapolis

Keeping Your Voice Healthy

It is crucial to take measures to keep your voice in good condition. Your voice can reflect how you feel, so taking care of your general health can do wonders for your voice. Some important tips for taking care of the voice include drinking plenty of water, resting the voice, taking a deep breath before speaking, avoiding or reducing consumption of alcohol, improving posture, and getting plenty of sleep.

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Types of Treatment We Provide

Indianapolis Sinus Center provides a variety of voice treatments catered to your specific voice issues. Common voice procedures include transnasalesophagoscopy (TNE) and videostroboscopy. We offer acute laryngitis treatment, chronic laryngitis treatment, treatment for dysphagia, vocal cord paralysis, laryngeal cancer, and hoarseness. Let our team of experts improve your voice health with our top-of-the-line treatments.

What to Expect During a Voice Testing Appointment?

Our team strives to make you as comfortable as possible during your appointment, and is committed to getting you the fastest and most efficient treatment. Personalized for you, our voice treatments are carried out by experienced doctors who are skilled in providing effective, compassionate care.

Choose Indianapolis Sinus Center for Voice Disorders

Whether you are suffering from dysphagia, vocal cord paralysis, acute laryngitis, laryngeal cancer, or hoarseness, our skilled and experienced team is here to help. We have been deemed a Center of Excellence by Entellus Medical, which lets our patients know that they can trust us with their voice care. Indianapolis Sinus Center provides top of the line medical care when it comes to voice treatments of all kinds.

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Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or consultation. Our team is happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have about your voice health. We are here to walk you through what to expect at your appointment, and make sure you feel comfortable and well cared for throughout the entire process. Get in touch today and make your voice health a priority!

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