Struggling to breathe through your nose? Clear your congestion starting today!

A stuffy nose is not always a minor problem. Chronic congestion can put a strain on your life in many ways, and result in the following consequences:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Mucus leaking from your nose
  • Interrupted sleep and frequent, loud snoring
  • Relying on breathing from your mouth
  • Unpleasant breath
  • Feeling tired easily
  • Stress and anxiety

The above-mentioned symptoms of chronic nasal congestion are caused by an obstruction to your nasal airway. The symptoms aren’t likely to go away until you take action and clear the obstruction.

To take a step towards finding long-term relief, schedule an appointment today with Indianapolis Sinus Center. While you’re waiting for your appointment, read below to learn more about your condition.

Explaining Nasal Airway Obstruction

What are the daily consequences of living with chronic nasal congestion?

Ever feel drowsy and less productive when your nose feels stuffed and you are experiencing sinus pain? We help hundreds of patients each year who know this feeling all too well. Simple, routine daily tasks can become exhausting, and each day can turn into an unproductive, congested mess.

Have your current symptoms given you the feeling of hopelessness? Don’t let them. By visiting Indianapolis Sinus Center to create a treatment plan that is both safe and effective, we can together create a future of uncongested days and nights and bring relief into your life.

What’s Causing Your Congestion?

Nasal congestion is caused by swollen nasal tissue and fluid that has become trapped. When this occurs, breathing in and out of your nose becomes strained. Chronic nasal congestion, which can drain your energy and affect your life for months, is a serious condition. Surgery is often a recommended option, but as you’ll learn below, not your only option.

What's VIVAER® and how can it help you?

Chronic nasal congestion can be fixed by having a painful surgical procedure to remove bone and nasal tissue. We prefer to provide our patients with a better option - VIVAER®.

VIVAER® clears congestion through a nasal airway remodeling procedure that works to reshape airways and repair any blockages. This is done through a low-temperature process that is a one-time, non-invasive and effective procedure.

Learn more about how VIVAER® and Indianapolis Sinus Center can be a resource in clearing your nasal congestion for good. Continue reading and schedule an appointment today.

Breathe Clear with VIVAER® from Indianapolis Sinus Center

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