Treating Sleep Disorders

You’ve Been Diagnosed with A Sleep Disorder. Now What?

Don't let the frustration and fatigue of a sleep disorder continue.  Once we have diagnosed the issues affecting your sleep, our doctors can address the best approach to treatment specifically for you.

You Have Options for Treating Sleep Disorders

Depending on the precise cause of your sleep disorder, specific techniques can be used to eliminate snoring and sleep apnea.  These are some of the most common treatments available that you will discuss with your doctor.

Sleep disorders often go undiagnosed or treated.

Turbinate Reduction

A surgical procedure to decrease airway resistance by reducing the size of the turbinate structures in the nasal cavity.

UPP (Uvulopalatoplasty)

An outpatient surgical procedure to remove elongated uvula tissue which may be obstructing airflow at the rear of the mouth.

Sinus Procedures

Including minimally-invasive techniques that can be performed in the office and have multiple benefits.


A non-invasive procedure done in the office that remodels the nasal valve to eliminate obstruction.


A dissolvable implant designed to support nasal cartilage and help prevent nasal valve collapse.

Dental Appliances

Specially designed and fitted mouthpieces that reposition the jaw during sleep to help keep the airway open.

Why is Treating Sleep Disorders Important?

Don’t become a statistic of an undiagnosed or untreated sleep disorder.  By eliminating persistent snoring and the choking and frequent waking caused by sleep apnea, you and your family can enjoy an uninterrupted night’s sleep and a better lifestyle.

Your health, well-being and quality of life are at stake. Enjoy restful sleep, energetic days, and a healthier life by addressing your sleep disorders and finding the right treatment.

Don't Suffer with a Sleep Disorder!

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